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2015 Salt Lake Comic Con FanX Panel Schedule!

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This is where you can find your favorite DefenMedia folks at the Comic Con FanX! Drop in! Say Hi! Win love and affection (and possibly prizes)!

Thursday, January 29

JM Bell

Ten Years of Supernatural :: Ballroom B – 5:30 pm

Robert J. Defendi

What We Know About Star Wars: The Force Awakens :: Room 250A – 6:00 pm

Melissa Merlot

Nerdy Girls and the Rise of Girl Power :: Ballroom A  – 5:30 pm

Better Endings for Disappointing Movies (18+) :: Room 151G – 7:30 pm

Taylor Hunsaker

Awesome Villains Across Film, Television, Comics, and Gaming :: Room 151G – 4:30 pm

Friday, January 30

JC Carter

The Best of Doctor Who :: Ballroom B – 11:30 am

I’m Hooked on a Feeling: How Marvel Turned Guardians Into the Surprise Blockbuster of 2014 :: Room 250A – 8:00 pm

JM Bell

Remain as You Were – The Hero and the Status Quo, Villain as Progressive :: Room 150G – 12:00 pm

Robert Easton

Shakespeare and Fantasy: Once More Into the Breach :: Ballroom A – 2:30 pm

I’m Hooked on a Feeling: How Marvel Turned Guardians Into the Surprise Blockbuster of 2014 :: Room 250A – 8:00 pm

Robert J. Defendi

I’m Hooked on a Feeling: How Marvel Turned Guardians Into the Surprise Blockbuster of 2014 :: Room 250A – 8:00 pm

Melissa Merlot

“She Turned Me Into a Newt!” Monty Python’s Holy Grail Turns 40 :: Ballroom B – 12:30 pm

Fairy Tales From The Dark Side :: Room 151G – 1:30 pm

Taylor Hunsaker

The Stuff of Nightmares: Why Kids Love to be Scared :: Ballroom A – 5:30 pm

Good Movies, Bad Descriptions (18+) :: Ballroom B – 7:30 pm

Saturday, January 31

JC Carter

Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase 3 :: Ballroom A – 5:30 pm

JM Bell

Comic Books on Television – DC :: Ballroom B – 1:30 pm

Gender in Comic Books – Is There a Double Standard? :: Room 250A – 6:00 pm

Robert Easton

The State of the Marvel Universe :: Ballroom B – 11:30 am

The Muppets: Why They Still Matter to Lovers, Dreamers, and Me :: Room 250A – 3:00 pm

Superhero Spotlight: Why Spider-Man is Amazing :: Ballroom A – 7:30 pm

Robert J. Defendi

Movie Monster Armageddon: Witches vs. Werewolves vs. Vampires :: Ballroom C – 12:00 pm

The Hobbit Trilogy: Post Mortem :: Room 151G – 5:30 pm

Telling Stories in RPGs :: Room 150G – 7:00 pm

Taylor Hunsaker

Geek Fashion is Finally Cool! :: Ballroom A – 3:30 pm

Don’t Go There: Forbidden Con Topics (18+) :: Room 151G – 7:30 pm

Aaron Burton

Positive Psychology of Fandom :: Room 150G – 12:00pm

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152 – Hold 322 – Drinking Deep With Melissa Merlot

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TSTK660524his week on Hold 322… We’re not only joined in studio by our favorite Mountain of Love, Robert J. Defendi, but we are also graced with that marvel of might, the magnificent Melissa Merlot! Comedienne, podcaster, and geek girl! Also this week, Constantine goes clay-mation, and that may be where he winds up. Fox could bring back The X-Files and Batman V Superman will soon have a teaser trailer. Meanwhile, did Marvel kill off a long-time, major character without a 2-month marketing push? Oh, and Deadpool gets environmental. Bob asks: “if you could make a Spiderverse Spider-Man, what would he be like?”

All this and our Salt Lake Comic Con FanX panel schedules! Face front, true believers! It’s the World’s Greatest Comic Book Podcast! It’s Hold 322!



A Good Year For Links

Constantine Gets Weirdly Meta in a Stop-Motion Animation Short http://bit.ly/1EdLfMR
‘Constantine’ ratings slip as NBC expresses doubts about renewal http://bit.ly/1EdLmbd
Fox is in Talks For an X-FILES Mini-Series http://bit.ly/1EdLmIj
The Real Reason People Don’t Go To The Movies, According To Researchhttp://bit.ly/1EdLwzr
FLASHBACK! –  Dawn Of Justice First Teaser Trailer On Its Way! http://bit.ly/1EdLw2u
LEADS TO – New Avengers Trailer Arrives http://bit.ly/1EdLDuR


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Issue 151 – Hold 322 – Begin the 4th Season with Taylor Hunsaker

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Amazing_Spider-Man_Vol_3_12This week on Hold 322… we begin our new and awesome 4th season (that will be pretty-much just like our 3rd season). We’re joined in studio by our friends from Geekhead Radio, Aaron Burton and the every lovely Taylor Hunsaker as we begin our Girls of Geek series! We also have Salt Lake Publishing walking away from lots of money, DC continuing the tradition of fond childhood memories with Wonder Woman 77, Mark Margolis is Felix Faust, and Daredevil has a release date, but it won’t be joined by Jessica Jones. In Comics, things get more amazing in Spider-Verse, Squirrel Girl debuts, The Avengers fight bullying in their own team, Kitty Pryde saves Star Lord, and we announce our top 5 for 2014! Bob asks: “What are your thoughts on Marvel Phase 1?”

All this and Bendis is a HERO! Face front, true believers! It’s the World’s GREATEST Comic Book Podcast! It’s Hold 322!



4D Links

San Diego Comic-Con’s lawsuit goes on, minus Salt Lake’s publisher http://bit.ly/1xZfOW6
‘Wonder Woman ’77’ is back and groovier than ever http://usat.ly/1xZfRRH
How BRIAN BENDIS Brought Back Mechanical Webshooters http://bit.ly/1xZg1bN
Marvel Announces Release Date for “Daredevil” on Netflix  http://bit.ly/1xZg47x
NETFLIX Unsure About JESSICA JONES in 2015 http://bit.ly/1xZg1bN
Mark Margolis lands role as DC Comics’ Felix Faust on ‘Constantine’ http://bit.ly/1xZgiLG


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Top 5 Best and Worst of 2015 — the Results So Far

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We have just 2 days (!) left for listeners to vote for whom they think deserves our pick for the 5 best and worst comics of 2014… (polls close on Sunday, January 11)

The Top 5 BEST comics of 2014, as of today, in no particular order, are:

3736531-thor+-+god+of+thunder+020-019Thor: God of Thunder #19-24 (Last Days of Midgard) – Where Thor takes on Roxxon and we discover it’s currently being run by a minotaur, and in the far future, King Thor fights Galactus in an epic no-holds-barred battle for the fate of a dead Earth. Thor gets punched through the planet. THROUGH THE PLANET.


Marvel Comics debuts female Muslim superhero

Ms Marvel #1-5 (All Mankind) – The first story arc for Ms. Marvel, where we first fell in love with Kamala




4078394-msmarv2014008_int_lr2-page-002Ms Marvel #8 (Lockjaw) – Lockjaw shows up and Kamala’s reaction to him is priceless.




3684460-ultimate_spider-man_200_coversUltimate Spider-Man #200 – Bendis’ 200th issue writing Ultimate Spider-Man. Miles is invited to May Parker’s home, where they discuss Peter’s legacy.




Deadpool #34 (the 90s issue) – It’s all about the feet, or rather, lack thereof.





And the 5 WORST comics of 2014, as of today, in no particular order, are:

Wolverine_1_CoverWolverine – It’s sad when a character has to die, but in this case, the Death of Wolverine was a bright spot, as it put him out of his (and our) misery. A once great character mis-written into a pathetic pile of goo (and that was before his death).



portrait_incredibleAXIS: Hobgoblin – The worst spin off, of the worst cross-over event.




1384547064_XFiless_TF01_cvrAX-Files: Conspiracy (crossovers with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Transformers) – Why cross over with other books that aren’t even related to your characters? To make money, I guess. It wasn’t a great move and failed utterly in both story and sales.



Captain America 17Captain America #16 – 21 (Doctor Mindbubble story arc) – Rick Remender continues to bat a 1000, with this terrible epic. Not only did it introduce us to Dr. Mindbubble, who literally produced bubbles with his mind that would chase you and turn you into a mind-controlled puppet, but it also featured a ridiculous premise that the super-soldier formula is the reason Steve Rogers never aged (being in suspended animation since WWII, had nothing to do with it, apparently) So when the Iron Nail removed it (REMOVED IT?) with his stomach claws (STOMACH CLAWS!), Steve suddenly turned into an old man. And Marvel has accepted this as canon. Well done.


upDjU3IAvengers & X-Men: AXIS – KLUH! Not just a single bad issue, but an entire event that made me regret ever getting into comic books in the first place. This book has made top-10 lists for 2014, and that both disgusts me and makes me sad…




So who will win? Who will be a surprising upset? It’s up to you, true believer… VOTE HERE! Vote as if your life depended on it!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.


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150 – Hold 322 – ONE HUNDRED FIFTY! (150)

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150cake(4)This week on Hold 322… this is our 150th show, true believers, and we did it all for you! We have news of great tragedy and great delight! We each share our top 5 (and worst 5) comic book stories of 2014 and let you, oh frantic one, help us decide with a vote on our Facebook page. And the Mighty Thom Returns!

All this and a spectacular event! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!


150th Links

Joss Whedon — ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Will Be His Last Film For Marvel http://bit.ly/1AnRexq

Original, Unaltered Cut Of Star Wars Trilogy To Be Released On Blu-ray By Disney http://bit.ly/1AnRhJp

Vin Diesel Teases Inhumans Involvement http://bit.ly/1AnRgW1

R.I.P. Christine Cavanaugh http://avc.lu/1AnRixb

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149a – Hold 322 – Girdith Thine Loins!

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ZenJeffI just want to point out here at the beginning that I was sick, and we didn’t record anything new this week. JC was kind enough to give me tasks … so: here I am, mixing a new Greatest Milestone Hits episode for you people (which is actually more labor intensive than a fresh episode – go figure) for love, I guess. Well, mortal, here are our Hold 322 Greatest Hits of Milestones past. You know, to get you ready for next week’s BIG 150! 2 words: Panty. Moistener*.




* Totally not true. 

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