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JC Carter's Hold 322 with J.M. Bell, Thom Floyd, and Bob Easton

It's Found The G-Spot In Your Unworthy Ear Holes

Here Comes the New Thor,

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Gimmickier than the old Thor.

Am I upset about a female Thor? No, not really. I think I’m more upset that Marvel opted for stunt casting over putting good writers on existing or new female characters. Why is it so hard to task resources for a genuine effort? Jason Aaron is writing it, so, it’ll probably be good, but, much like the Superior Spider-man, once the next movie gets nearer, they’ll reset it and the stunt will be over – leaving any female readers that fell for the stunt without a strong female character once again. It’s too little, and too insincere to fix a glaring imbalance in comics.


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Issue #128 – Hold 322 – It sure got prettier in here

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spider-man-2099-1-e1405111275481This week on Hold 322! Hello Sweetie’s own Danielle ÜberAlles joins us in studio and pretties up the place just by being there. We discuss the Finches taking over Wonder Woman, DC’s decision to block the use of the Superman logo on a Canadian memorial, and Batgirl‘s new look (and creative team). In comics, Q meets new Kirk, Star Wars makes one last run at a story arc, the true Birds of Prey fight together in Batgirl, Spider-Man turns 100, Thor and Loki go looking for their sister, and Peter David returns to Spider-Man 2099.

All this, and Bob asks: “what comic book moments have shocked you? “! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

128 Hold 322 Podcast


Links of Hope

David and Meredith Finch Taking Over Wonder Woman   http://bit.ly/1qVHbMc
BRANDON ROUTH Returns to DC Comics Family on ARROW http://bit.ly/1qVI07J
DC blocks Superman logo from being used in Canadian boy’s memorial  http://bit.ly/1qVHhmQ
Japanese parody of 1980s “Doctor Who” http://bit.ly/1oIdext
Who Will Marvel Reveal as the New Captain America? http://bit.ly/1qVHlTV
 Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Revealed  http://bit.ly/1qVHsid
Fans Go Batty Over New Look Of Batgirl http://bit.ly/1qVHwOQ
‘Shannara’ TV Series Acquired by MTV; Jon Favreau to Direct Pilot http://bit.ly/1qVHzu5
Roberto Orci Officially Leaves  http://bit.ly/1qVHAhE


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Issue #127 – Hold 322 – You Don’t Know Dick!

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dontknowdickThis week on Hold 322… No smoking for Constantine and no Loki for Avengers 2. 3 more villains are revealed for Bat v Sup, and 2 new Batman inspired comics are unveiled by DC. And DC finally lets us have the joke. In comics, a new Other is unsurprisingly revealed, a new Superman rises, Miles meets the Ultimate Green Goblin, Starlord gets a great solo title, and Thor gets a spectacular epilogue. Bob asks: “which character would give you writers block?” All this and Kevin Smith! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

 127 Hold 322 Podcast



The Links of Hotness

No Smoking For TV’s Constantine http://bit.ly/1r0p8n4
War Machine A Key Part Of The Avengers 2 Ultron Battle; Also No Loki  http://bit.ly/1r0rDpp
Kevin Smith Left The Star Wars Episode 7 Set Crying Today http://bit.ly/1r0pdat
Rumor: 3 New Villains For BATMAN V SUPERMAN Revealed? http://bit.ly/1r0peLF
Kevin Smith Rumored To Have Written Batman Vs. Superman Fake Scripthttp://bit.ly/1r0pdHw
DC Unveils Two New Batman-Inspired Comics  http://bit.ly/1r0pjPj
Terry Pratchett forced to cancel appearance by Alzheimer’s  http://bit.ly/1r0pmdV


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Issue #126 – Hold 322 – Oh Canada!

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This week on Hold 322… Life imitates art (sorta) when a good friend of the show witnesses a robbery. Amy Adams is a hero. Harrison Ford’s injury has shut down episode VII. Allison Baker takes over Ops on the Starship IDW. And we talk about the biggest rumor to come out of comicdom in a long long time. Meanwhile, in the comics: Leaves on the Wind ends (sorta), Mera shows just how bad-ass she is, Bruce Banner learns that Tony Stark may have turned him into the Hulk, Doctor Strange gets darker, and Ms Marvel suffers from bad editing. Bob asks: “what comic series would you like to see made into a movie.”

All this and Canada Day! Face front true believers, it’s Hold 322!

126 Hold 322 – The REAL 125


Links of Pain

BREAKING! Police seek 3 suspects after shots fired into drive-through windowhttp://bit.ly/1nUx0Uz
Harrison Ford’s Injury May Have Completely Screwed Up Episode VIIhttp://bit.ly/1nUuXj8
New NINJA TURTLES Trailer: How Does Shredder Walk in That Thing?http://bit.ly/1nUuYDN
Superwoman: Amy Adams gives her first class seat to US soldier http://bit.ly/1nUwPID
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ heads to the Daily Planet http://bit.ly/1nUvhhU
Allison Baker is new Director of Operations at IDW http://bit.ly/1nUwBBq
Dynamite goes Humble Bundle with biggest comics bundle ever http://bit.ly/1nUz9PO
Marvel Comics Reboot Rumored To Cancel All X-Men Comics Including Wolverinehttp://bit.ly/1nUv3HC
Quote of the Week
“In the name of the Board of Directors of the Gotham City Museum of Natural History, I demand you and your men unhand those crates!” -Batman 66 meets the Green Hornet #1
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Issue #125 – Hold 322 – Going To The Bench

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JC and Bob were off Shakespeareing each other’s Bard’s this week, and Thom was …. doing whatever Canadians do when Hockey is out of season, so, in the grand fashion of all things classy, JM called up Bob 616 Robert J Defendi, and The LEFT Show’s very own Forrest Shaw to cover the team’s absence.


This is the time, this is the place, these are the people … who were talking and stuff.

125 Hold 322 Podcast


Michael Douglas Weighs In On Edgar Wright Leaving ‘Ant-Man’ http://uproxx.it/1nudCgJ
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Cameo You Won’t Believe…Or Understand?http://bit.ly/1nudSMU
James Gunn Says No Nathan Fillion Nova For Guardians of the Galaxy http://bit.ly/1nudVIC
The ‘Justice League’ Movie Might Be Coming To Us Earlier Than Expectedhttp://uproxx.it/1nudIVy
Ben Affleck in Better Shape For Batman Vs. Superman http://bit.ly/1nudJJa
James McAvoy & Daniel Radcliffe Frankenstein Gets New Name, Release Datehttp://bit.ly/1nudMok
Django Unchained Sequel Meets Zorro At Dynamite Comics http://bit.ly/1nudYUy
Kirby V. Marvel May Head To Supreme Court http://bit.ly/1nue26O
The Era of the Five Dollar Comic Begins in the Marvel September Solicitations http://bit.ly/1nuebqN


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Issue #124 – Hold 322 – Epic Underboob

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earth-2-24This week on Hold 322! We finally get into our discussion from last week about Marvel. Doctor Strange has a director and star, Robert Pattinson is NOT the new Indiana Jones (thank God), and fairy-tale porn is a big hit! In comics, we have a new Dresden Files story, Green Lantern shows us just how bad-ass he is on Earth 2, Captain America gets old, no surprises in Iron Man, and a new Chinese Super Team is born in the pages of Avengers World!

All this and Eva Green’s Boobs! Face front, true believer! It’s Hold 322!

#124 Hold 322 Podcast


The Lucious Links

‘Doctor Strange’ Has Found Its Director! http://bit.ly/1p9CCyt
Jared Leto Rumored For Doctor Strange http://bit.ly/1p9Hcgi
Robert Pattinson Isn’t The New Indiana Jones  http://bit.ly/1p9HR14
Dynamite Set to Release Two New Dresden Files Graphic Novels http://bit.ly/1p9I0BF
Eva Green Finally Breaks Her Legendary Silence About Her Awesome Boobshttp://uproxx.it/1p9I2JU
E3 2014: The Last Guardian May Be Cancelled http://bit.ly/1p9I7NI
Sleeping Beauty XXX Parody Announced: Snow White XXX Sells Outhttp://bit.ly/1p9IqYN
Question of the Week
Would Marvel Really Cancel Fantastic Four To Snub Fox? http://bit.ly/1kx9nOf
Artists Given Specific Instructions Not To Use Fantastic Four Charactershttp://bit.ly/1kx9r0t
Now Marvel Freezes Out X-Men Toys Because Of Guardians of the Galaxyhttp://bit.ly/1p9JP1F
TV and Movie Round-up
Television Never Looked So Much Like a Comic Book  http://bit.ly/1p9Iisj
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