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JC Carter's Hold 322 with J.M. Bell, Thom Floyd, and Bob Easton

It's Found The G-Spot In Your Unworthy Ear Holes

Issue #135 – Hold 322 – Get ‘Em All. Win Stuff!

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in HOLD322, This Week | 0 comments

Comic-Con---Flyer (1)This week on Hold 322… We’re getting ready for Salt Lake Comic Con, and we have an awesome contest for attendees that we’re going to tell you all about… even some ways you can win easier… In other news: Guardians of the Galaxy is the best Marvel Movie ever, and we’ve got proof! Many say its because it was funny… so DC Comics plans to take the opposite approach in their movies. Canada loves Superman so much he’s on their money now! Aubrey Plaza wants to play Catwoman, Liam Neeson wants to be on Arrow, Donald Glover finally gets to play Miles Morales, and Wesley Snipes is ready for Blade IV. In comics, DC gears up for Future’s End month, Silver Surfer has a partial Defenders reunion, and Bendis begins to reveal what happened to the original Nova. Bob asks: “what are you looking forward to at Salt Lake Comic Con?”

All this and Kevin Smith as Porkins? Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

135 Hold 322 Podcast



Robert Downey Jr. Says ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Is The Best Marvel Movie http://uproxx.it/1lq2YM6
Guardians Of The Galaxy Becoming The Highest Grossing Movie Of 2014 http://bit.ly/1lq31rl
Russo Bros. Talk Guardians Of The Galaxy Passing Captain America: http://bit.ly/1lq36ex
Royal Canadian Mint Reveals Superman Coins Inspired By Classic DC Comics Covers http://bit.ly/1lq43Ua
Scott Pilgrim’s Aubrey Plaza Wants to Be Catwoman…Still http://bit.ly/1lq3qtO
Liam Neeson Willing to Play Ra’s Al Ghul on Arrow http://bit.ly/1lq3utw
Could Kevin Smith Be In Star Wars Episode VII? http://bit.ly/1lq3BoK
Donald Glover Will Play Spider-Man in Upcoming Animated Series! http://bit.ly/1lq3Vnz
Laughter has been banned from DC movies http://bit.ly/1lq4oGp
Wesley Snipes Believes Blade 4 Is A Go http://bit.ly/1lq4pKm
The Tick To Return on Amazon http://bit.ly/1lq4wFH
VIDEO – #HardwickSmash-ed the Emmys  http://bit.ly/1lq4y0u
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Issue #134 – Hold 322 – I’m Scottish!

Posted by on Aug 26, 2014 in HOLD322, This Week | 0 comments

20140824_142136This week on Hold 322… The Radioactive Professor and Ultimate Bob are off fighting in the Shakespeare wars again (Editor’s Note: I have no idea what the hell this means. It’s a total mystery. Shakespeare never fought in any war outside of lighting spats and man on man dress brawls) . But that doesn’t mean evil takes a holiday! So Captain Batman is joined by that Mountain of Love, Bob 616 (Robert J. Defendi) and special guest from Big Shiny Robot and the Salt City Strangers: Mark Avo, as they discuss the new Doctor Who (he’s Scottish!). Evangeline Lilly’s Wasp haircut, Vincent D’onofrio talking Kingpin, and Jon Hamm wasn’t approached for Doctor Strange. Salt Lake Comic Con is coming up, where can you find the boys? Right here: http://saltlakecomiccon.com/panel-topics/

All this, and Marvel returns to Walmart! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

134 Hold 322 Podcast – Prancing Bronies



Links of Timey-Wimey

Evangeline Lilly shows off her Wasp haircut for ‘Ant-Man’ http://bit.ly/1p3rSvW
Vincent D’onofrio Talks Kingpin, Marvel Fans And ‘Defenders’ Crossoverhttp://bit.ly/1p3rSMs
Yale Stewart apologizes after accusations of harassment http://bit.ly/1p3swta
‘Clarence’ creator Skylar Page removed over sexual assault and mental issueshttp://bit.ly/1p3sCBc
Marvel Returns To Walmart With Clearance Prices http://bit.ly/1p3sUYL
With Buffy The Vampire Slayer Coming To Hd, Can A Blu-Ray Be Far Behind?http://bit.ly/1p3sZvG
Jon Hamm Never Approached By Marvel For Doctor Strange (Video) http://bit.ly/1p3t2ra
Adrianne Palicki Is Your Mockingbird On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. http://bit.ly/1p3t8iA


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Issue #133 – Hold 322 – Sorry Ladies, He’s Gay

Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in HOLD322, This Week | 1 comment

multiversityThis week on Hold 322! Competition heats up in the search for the right Aquaman movie script. We have bad news for millions of screaming Walking Dead fans. The Dark Knight Returns in Bat v Sup (seriously, look at the images). Guardians worked without an origin story. We have more of Marvel’s 75 highlighted for you. The Edge of the Spider-Verse begins as other comics end. We bid a fond farewell to Gail Simone on Batgirl and maybe Scott Snyder on Batman(?). Star Wars concludes its run and why do I want to read Muliversity? Bob asks: “what do think?”

All this and Star Trek news! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

 133 Hold 322 Podcast


Links of Passion

DC Comics Has An Unusual Plan To Bring You The Best Aquaman Movie Possible http://bit.ly/1tc4C44
Guardians Of The Galaxy Is The First Post-Origin Comic Book Movie http://bit.ly/1tc4EJ2
James Gunn Teases the Identity of Star-Lord’s Father in Guardians of the Galaxy 2 http://bit.ly/1tc4L7r
Ben Affleck Comments On Batfleck & Batman Vs. Superman  http://bit.ly/1tc4OAd
Daryl Dixon Is Gay http://bit.ly/1tc4SQr
R.I.P. Arlene Martel  R.I.P. Arlene Martel http://bit.ly/1tc51DC
Takei: We all had problems with Shatner on the Star Trek set  http://bit.ly/1tc56af
Confirmed: First Draft Of Star Trek 2016 Script Complete Confirmed:  http://bit.ly/1tc54PT
RETURN TO ME: 49-25 Find Out the 75 Greatest Marvel Comics of All-Time http://bit.ly/1uCDICn


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Issue #132 – Hold 322 – The Seventy-Five

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marvel75This week on Hold 322… The Mountain of Love, Bob 616 joins us in studio to discuss the power that is Chris Pratt, John Romita Jr. taking Jim Carey to task, Marvel taking care of its own, and the new Terminator movie. Warner Brothers has nine DC Comics movies scheduled… they just don’t know what they are yet, so we take a guess. We also find out why Superman Unchained is delayed. In comics we discuss Marvel’s announcement of their top 75 stories. Bob asks Bob to ask a question this week, that Jeff then changes and there was some sort of paradox and now I think Bob’s my uncle…

All this and Gillian Anderson: Author? Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

132 Hold 322 Podcast


A Side of Links

Gillian Anderson Is Publishing a Sci-Fi Thriller This Fall http://bit.ly/1uCDg7f
Jim Lee, DC Artists Redesign General Mills Monster Cereals Boxes http://bit.ly/1uCDoUh
Warner Bros. Announces NINE DC Movies but Won’t Say What They Are Yet http://bit.ly/1uCDqeS
The New Terminator Movie Is Seriously Titled “Genisys”? http://bit.ly/1uCDwDh
Private ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ Viewing For Bill Mantlo http://bit.ly/1uCDGKR
Find Out the 75 Greatest Marvel Comics of All-Time http://bit.ly/1uCDICn
This Isn’t a Photo of Zoe Saldana as Gamora http://bit.ly/1uCDNWO
Kick-Ass Artist John Romita Jr. Shoots on Jim Carrey http://bit.ly/1uCDPhq
AUDIO – Chris Pratt Continues to Prove He’s Pretty Much the Greatest Guy Everhttp://bit.ly/1uCDWcN
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Issue #131 – Hold 322 – I am Hold 322!

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ZenJeffThis week on Hold 322! We review Guardians of the Galaxy! We’re just lucky we didn’t get a re-screening of Rise of the Guardians (never should have named it that, Dreamworks). We cover more news out of San Diego, the PR nightmare of a single poster, and the world’s first Gaelic Superhero (really, he speaks Gaelic!). We have a lot of endings and specials this week, with Fatale and Batman: Zero Year ending. We also have the Aquaman annual, Guardians 100th anniversary and an Iron Man special. We’ll let you know which of those are worth reading. Bob asks: “what are your top five artist?”

All this, and Chip Zdarsky! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

131 Hold 322 Podcast


Deep Tissue Link Massage

Whoops! Instead Of Guardians Of The Galaxy, A Theater Showed Thishttp://bit.ly/1o1DaoS
Breaking: SDCC cosplayer was injured as the result of a fall not an assaulthttp://bit.ly/1o1CLmr
So the Australian TMNT Poster Is Officially a PR Nightmare http://bit.ly/1o1COyC
FROM TROY – World’s first Gaelic superhero comic book released http://bit.ly/1o1CVKq
Daniel Radcliffe Disguises Himself at Comic-Con & No It Wasn’t As Harry Potterhttp://bit.ly/1o1CZKq
SEX CRIMINALS won BEST NEW SERIES at the Eisner Awards http://bit.ly/1o1DkfY
Sex Crimlnals Follow up http://bit.ly/1o1DqnL
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Issue #130 – Hold 322 – NOT at SDCC

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(*Editor Note – Holy Crap! JC loves you people again!  He wrote all this below! Glorious, isn’t it? But Thom, it seems, does not love anyone anymore. Sad face.)

This week on Hold 322… The Radioactive Professor and Ultimate Bob were off on a cultural mission, ensuring the world was safe for Shakespeare readings… Meanwhile, Captain Batman hosts two special guests: Bob 616, and one of the creators of Salt City Strangers, Chris Hoffman, as they delve into the world of Comics and report news from SDCC that they were unfortunately not present for. [more stuff happened that Jeff will either fill in here, or will leave like this because it's funny to him]

All this, and a Meet-Up! Face front, true believers! It’s Hold 322!

130 Hold 322 Podcast


Holey Moley! The Links!

San Diego Comic-Con unhappy with Salt Lake’s con http://bit.ly/WIPFLP
San Diego Comic-Con International vs. Comic Con World http://bit.ly/WIPFeI
SDCC 2014: AGENT CARTER Will Include Original Jarvis http://bit.ly/WIPFeV
Marvel’s DAREDEVIL Casts Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page http://bit.ly/WIPHDv
Frank Grillo Wants to Play the Punisher http://bit.ly/WIPIrd
Dwayne Johnson Confirms DC Comics Role, Says Announcement Coming ‘Very Soon’http://bit.ly/WIPIHB
Mark Hamill reveals he’s ‘astonished’ to be playing Luke Skywalker againhttp://bit.ly/WIPLmB
Firefly’s Whole Cast Will Reunite for Firefly Online http://bit.ly/WIPLD8
The Documentary About The Failure Of Nic Cage’s Superman http://uproxx.it/WIPJLu
Watch Doctor Who in Cinemas - http://bbc.in/WIPVuu
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